Patent Number: 7,201,118

Title: Piston-cooling arrangement for an internal combustion engine

Abstract: The invention relates to an internal combustion engine having a piston-cooling arrangement (1) which has at least one spray device (2, 27; 2, 39) which is supplied with a coolant/lubricant via at least one supply passageway (3). The supply passageway (3) is arranged in a module (4) composed of a crankshaft-bearing structural element (6) and a crankshaft-bearing cap (7). The spray device (2, 27; 2, 39) is coupled to the crankshaft-bearing cap (7), a crankshaft-bearing shell (14) in the region of the supply passageway (3). Supply passageway (3) also connect to through-opening (16), so that coolant/lubricant can be directed via the supply passageway (3) to both the spray device (2, 27; 2, 39) and a crankshaft (17). The spray device (2) is designed as an oil-spray nozzle (27) or alternatively as a spray hole (39) integrated in the crankshaft-bearing cap (7).

Inventors: Lenz; Ingo (Cologne, DE), Laufenberg; Dietmar (Windeck, DE), Weber; Carsten (Leverkusen, DE), Morawitz; Urban (Cologne, DE)

Assignee: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

International Classification: F01P 1/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-04-10 0:00:00