Patent Number: 7,201,413

Title: Crash box

Abstract: A crash box for installation between a longitudinal member and a bumper cross member of a motor vehicle, includes a sheet metal body having a deformation member which extends anteriorly of an end surface of the longitudinal member and whose maximum crumpling capability defines the energy absorption of the crash box. In prolongation of the deformation member is an attachment member which is engaged in the longitudinal member and detachably secured by bolts therein. Formed in a transition zone between the deformation member and the attachment member, is a stop which is configured in the form of an outwardly directed material protuberance or outwardly directed thickened area of the sheet metal body and bearing against the end surface of the longitudinal member.

Inventors: Hillekes; Bernhard (Paderborn, DE), Kroning; Achim (Paderborn, DE), Wang; Hui (Paderborn, DE), Roll; Michael (Bielefeld, DE), Kroeger; Dirk (Lichtenau, DE)

Assignee: Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH

International Classification: B60R 19/34 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-04-10 0:00:00