Patent Number: 7,231,809

Title: Oxygen monitoring device

Abstract: A gas monitoring device for monitoring gas levels within a chamber is provided. The gas monitoring device includes a housing having a probe with a sensor disposed on the probe. The probe extends through the housing and into a chamber such that the sensor is within the chamber. The housing includes a first passageway disposed about the probe and second passageway disposed about the first passageway. During operation of the gas monitoring device, a temperature adjusting medium enters the second passageway through an inlet of the housing and then enters into the first passageway via the second passageway. As the temperature adjusting medium travels through the first passageway, the temperature adjusting medium adjusts the temperature of the probe. The temperature adjusting medium adjusts the temperature of the probe through thermal conduction. As the temperature of the probe adjusts, the temperature of the sensor also adjusts through thermal conduction.

Inventors: Susko; Kenneth (Elmont, NY)


International Classification: G01N 7/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-06-19 0:00:00