Patent Number: 7,231,934

Title: Shut-off actuator with gas generation device

Abstract: A shut-off device, in particular for application in the extraction of natural gas and mineral oil, has a shut-off housing (3) comprising an admission channel (2) and in which a shut-off organ (4) is supported in an adjustable manner relative to the admission channel (2) between an open position (5) and a closed position (6), and has an actuating device (7) at least for adjusting the shut-off organ (4) from the open position (5) into the closed position (6). To improve such a shut-off device in that, especially in an emergency, fast adjustment of the shut-off organ to the closed position is possible in a constructively easy and economical manner, the actuating device comprises a gas generation device (8) for the production of an adjustment pressure for adjusting the shut-off organ (4) in the direction of the close position (6).

Inventors: Biester; Klaus (Wienhausen, DE)

Assignee: Cameron International Corporation

International Classification: F16K 17/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-06-19 0:00:00