Patent Number: 7,271,952

Title: Microscope imaging apparatus and biological-specimen examination system

Abstract: A microscope imaging apparatus and a biological-specimen examination system that can accurately carry out measurement even for an object under examination having substantial brightness non-uniformity are provided. The microscope imaging apparatus includes a stage that holds the object under examination, an illumination unit that illuminates the object under examination, an image-acquisition unit that acquires images of the object under examination, and a motion unit that moves the stage and the image-acquisition unit relative to each other. The image-acquisition unit includes an imaging device capable of image acquisition using a time delay integration method. When acquiring a plurality of images of the object under examination, the exposure time during which accumulated charge is produced in the imaging device is made different for each of the acquired images, and the plurality of images are combined into a single image.

Inventors: Suzuki; Yoshimasa (Kawasaki, JP), Muraki; Kayuri (Hachioji, JP)

Assignee: Olympus Corporation

International Classification: G02B 21/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-09-18 0:00:00