Patent Number: 7,272,020

Title: Isolated, current-fed, pulse width modulation, DC-DC converter

Abstract: A current-fed DC-DC converter has a topology that improves converter performance and operates an input inductor in continuous conduction mode. The configuration and operation of the converter produces reduced requirements for circuit component ratings and leads to faster transient response time than conventional current-fed DC-DC converters. The converter can operate as an apparent current-fed full bridge converter in one stage, and an apparent current-fed half bridge converter in another stage. The input inductor is configured and operated to release stored energy to the load in conjunction with other energy storage components to provide a continuous output current that significantly reduces output voltage ripple, leading to reduced rating requirements and output components. The converter topology permits a portion of the switching stage to operate with no deadtime to further improve circuit responsiveness and efficiency.

Inventors: Lehman; Bradley M. (Belmont, MA), Song; Wei (Boston, MA)

Assignee: Northeastern University

International Classification: H02M 3/335 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-09-18 0:00:00