Patent Number: 7,272,126

Title: Method and apparatus for beacon discovery in a spread spectrum cellular radio communication system

Abstract: An improved apparatus (and corresponding methodology) for discovering beacon signals in a spread spectrum radio communication system is provided, wherein the beacon signals comprise a plurality of different code sequences having index values assigned thereto and having portions that overlap one another. Correlation is performed over an extended search window. Ambiguities between correlation peaks are resolved by identifying correlation peak pairs corresponding to overlapping code sequences and having time offsets that fall within a predetermined tolerance window. Each pair is analyzed to identify the peak with a lower power level metric, and information pertaining to this lower power level peak is discarded from output and processing operations that follow therefrom.

Inventors: Soltanian; Amir (Potomac, MD), Peric; Mirjana (Bethesda, MD)

Assignee: PCTEL, Inc.

International Classification: H04B 7/216 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-09-18 0:00:00