Patent Number: 7,272,169

Title: Reverse link correlation filter in wireless communication systems

Abstract: A single, common correlation filter (CF) core is provided in a wireless system using CDMA. A plurality of channels with different data rates are provided in the wireless system. The channels provided in the wireless system include the access channel, the maintenance channel, and the traffic channel in which information (e.g., pilot or data symbols or both) is transmitted at the tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 rates. The data rate for transmitting the information is programmable by digital signal processor (DSP). A user-unique code, such as a PN code, is applied to the information being transmitted in the channels of the wireless system. The information is QPSK modulated and transmitted in any one of the channels at any data rate. The transmitted information is correlated at the smallest data rate (i.e., the tier 1 rate) in the correlation filter (CF) of the wireless system by time multiplexing delayed versions of the PN code to the correlation filter core. The correlated information is then demultiplexed and pilot aided QPSK demodulated. The demodulated information is summed at the proper integer multiple of the tier 1 rate to achieve the tier 2 and tier 3 rates. The three strongest multipaths (in terms of the received power) are selected in a window or time period for optimal information recovery. Furthermore, three outputs from the demodulated information can be provided and combined for temporal diversity. Spatial diversity is achieved by providing a plurality of antennas at each receiver and a single, common correlation filter at each of the plurality of antennas of the receivers in the wireless system.

Inventors: Rouphael; Antoine J. (Melbourne, FL), Hoffmann; John E. (Indialantic, FL), Nelson, Jr.; George Rodney (Merrit Island, FL), Patel; Samir K. (Melbourne Beach, FL), Proctor, Jr.; James A. (Indialantic, FL), Riley; Daniel I. (West Melbourne, FL)

Assignee: IPR Licensing, Inc.

International Classification: H04B 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-09-18 0:00:00