Patent Number: 7,398,583

Title: Process for hydrodynamic inclusion of a multitude of three-dimensional products of finite dimensions by water jets

Abstract: Finite goods are continuously packed between two non-wovens by means of hydrodynamic needling and are fully sealed. When used, said wovens should not nap and should not become linked to the goods during packing. When packed, the volume of the goods should, wherever possible, remain unchanged. In order to achieve said aims, the covering non-wovens are prefixed by means of hydrodynamic needling. Particularly good results are achieved if perforated non-wovens are used to cover the finite products, the number of said perforations being approximately 5-20 perforations per inch, and when said non-wovens are joined to each other by means of water needling.

Inventors: Watzl; Alfred (Rodermark, DE)

Assignee: Fleissner GmbH

International Classification: D04H 1/46 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-07-15 0:00:00