Patent Number: 7,421,820

Title: Jig fish lure

Abstract: The jig fish lure has a jig head, a neck extending from the jig head, and a fishhook having a portion of the shank embedded in the jig head and neck. The jig head has an upper portion and a lower portion. A recess having orthogonal walls extending horizontally and vertically is defined in the lower portion, defining a ledge. A notch is defined in the upper portion extending into and bifurcating the ledge, the notch defining a passage. A bore is defined through the upper portion extending from the crown of the jig head to the top of the notch. The eye of the fishhook extends from the lower portion of the jig head beneath the ledge. A fishing line can be threaded through the bore and the notch, looped through the eye, and secured by a knot, which lies protected within the notch.

Inventors: Harrell; Eric A. (Pickens, SC)


International Classification: A01K 85/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-09-09 0:00:00