Patent Number: 7,421,949

Title: Rapid deflagrating cord (RDC) ordnance transfer lines

Abstract: A novel transfer ordnance line and novel end fittings for the transfer line for use in space vehicles, aircraft, missile systems and other military applications. The transfer line is a Rapid Deflagrating Cord (RDC) hermetically encapsulated in a metal tubing. The metal tubing terminates at end fittings such as a loaded high energy (HE) end fitting which detonates, a low energy (LE) end fitting which burns, and a percussion primer used to start burning of the RDC in the transfer line. The transfer line is constructed so that gases produced during the burning of the RDC do not escape and pose a threat to the surroundings during functioning and so moisture does not enter the system during shelf life, transportation, or at any other time prior to functioning. With minor adjustments to the transfer tube and the end fittings, the transfer tubing can be made flexible by forming a coil. With minor adjustments, a loaded HE end fitting can be made into a separation end fitting used ejected devices that must remain on course. Loaded HE end fittings may be placed in a manifold where it will ignite one or more loaded HE and LE end fittings to further progress the reaction. Loaded LE end fittings may be placed in transfer manifolds joining one or more other loaded LE end fittings to progress the reaction.

Inventors: Hilden; Lynn G. (Hollister, CA)

Assignee: McCormick Selph, Inc.

International Classification: C06C 5/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-09-09 0:00:00