Patent Number: 7,422,397

Title: Bevel gear cutting machine for chamfering and/or deburring edges on the teeth of a bevel gear

Abstract: A bevel gear cutting machine, which is designed for, among other things, chamfering and/or deburring edges on the teeth of a bevel gear. The gear cutting machine has a workpiece spindle which receives the bevel gear coaxially. A carriage is provided, which receives a plate-shaped cutter head having multiple bar blades. The gear cutting machine has multiple numerically controllable axes, which are activatable via a programmable controller, one of the axes forming a workpiece spindle axis of the workpiece spindle. Another axis is used as the tool spindle axis of the plate-shaped cutter head. The numerically controllable axes are implemented and positioned so that by adjusting at least one of the axes, the workpiece spindle, together with the bevel gear, may be inclined in relation to the cutter head in such a way that the bar blades, while the workpiece spindle rotates around the workpiece spindle axis and the cutter head rotates around the tool spindle axis simultaneously, plunge one after another into tooth intermediate spaces of neighboring teeth and execute a chamfering or deburring motion in relation to the edge.

Inventors: Muller; Harmuth (Remscheid, DE), Ribbeck; Karl-Martin (Remscheid, DE)

Assignee: Klingelnberg GmbH

International Classification: B23F 19/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-09-09 0:00:00