Patent Number: 7,422,428

Title: Candlestick and method of making same

Abstract: A candlestick includes a tubular cartridge of biodegradable material having an upper end which forms a socket for a candle and a lower end, and a sleeve of flexible biodegradable material encircling the cartridge and extending appreciably above the upper end thereof. The sleeve is collapsible lengthwise towards the upper end of the cartridge so that when a candle is received the cartridge, the sleeve is gathered around the candle at the upper end of the cartridge forming a cuff or skirt which can catch any melted wax dripping from the candle. A method of making the candlestick is also disclosed.

Inventors: Desmond; Gregory (Quincy, MA)

Assignee: Desmond, Jr.; Gregory

International Classification: F23D 3/16 (20060101); F21L 19/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-09-09 0:00:00