Patent Number: 7,535,397

Title: Digital-to-analog converter and the method thereof

Abstract: A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is provided for converting an (X+Y)-bit input word, which includes an X-bit MSB subword and a Y-bit LSB subword, into a current signal. The DAC has an X-bit voltage DAC section and a Y-bit current DAC section. The X-bit voltage DAC section generates an intermediate voltage corresponding to the X-bit MSB subword. The Y-bit current DAC section generates a reference current corresponding to the intermediate voltage and outputs the current signal derived by multiplying the reference current by a factor corresponding to the Y-bit LSB subword. In addition, a method for digital-to-analog conversion of an (X+Y)-bit input word into a current signal is also provided.

Inventors: Chiou; Yu-Wen (Sinshih Township, Tainan County, TW), Huang; Jiunn-Yau (Sinshih Township, Tainan County, TW)

Assignee: Himax Technologies Limited

International Classification: H03M 1/66 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2021-05-19 0:00:00