Patent Number: 7,581,744

Title: Vehicle extension device

Abstract: An extension device for automotive vehicles, such as dumpers, having a framework with a front end section and a rear end section, and including a forward vehicle section supporting a prime mover and having a first articulation member, and a rear vehicle section having a second articulation member, the first and second articulation members being intended for connection with each other and for allowing pivoting of the vehicle sections in relation to each other about a longitudinal axis of the automotive vehicle, and further including a third articulation member connected to one of the end sections and a guide pin located on the rear end section having a bearing assembly for supporting a cardan shaft portion which extends through the extension device.

Inventors: Johansson; Arne (Braas, SE)

Assignee: Volvo Articulated Haulers AB

International Classification: B62D 53/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2021-09-01 0:00:00