Patent Number: 7,610,777

Title: Bilaterally bendable warp-knit tape

Abstract: A bilaterally bendable warp-knit tape includes a plurality of first, second, and third braided wires. The first and second braided wires are staggered while extending circularly along a warp direction of the tape with a proper distance from left to right to form a predetermined number of wales on the tape. A span distance of lapping from left to right of the second braided wires is smaller than that of the first braided wires. More than one third braided wire is disposed in middle of the tape, and is continuously lapped while extending upward on the corresponding wale in a form of a crochet along the warp direction of the tape to form a fixing region having a predetermined width and extending along the warp direction. The fixing region is for disposing male and female buckles. The warp-knit tape has desired flexibility and extensibility on both sides for bilateral bending.

Inventors: Hung; Da-An (Changhua County, TW)


International Classification: D04B 21/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017