Patent Number: 7,610,825

Title: Multi-speed transmission with countershaft gearing

Abstract: A transmission is provided having a dual clutch, to achieve torque flow through a countershaft gearing arrangement. The countershaft gearing arrangement includes a plurality of co-planar gear sets having gears that are selectively connectable to a plurality of countershafts. At least one transfer gear set transfers torque from the counter shafts to an output shaft. The output shaft is connected to a final drive unit that has a final drive unit output shaft that is transverse to an input member connected at one end to a torque converter and at the other end to the dual clutch.

Inventors: Hendrickson; James D. (Belleville, MI), Singh; Tejinder (Canton, MI), Sowul; Henryk (Oxford, MI)

Assignee: GM Global Technology Operations, Inc.

International Classification: F16H 3/093 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017