Patent Number: 7,610,831

Title: Press-fitted hub and camshaft

Abstract: The invention relates to a hub (1) with a hub opening (2) in the front face (8), for press-fitting to a base body, whereby the hub (1) comprises a insertion region (A2), tapering in the pressing direction, characterized in that a cylindrical section is arranged between the front face and insertion region (A2), viewed in the pressing direction. Furthermore, a hub (1) with a tapering insertion region (A2) is disclosed, whereby said insertion region (A2) has a length of 40% to 96% of the total length (L) of the hub (1). The invention further relates to a camshaft with at least one cam (9), associated with said hub (1).

Inventors: Burgler; Robert (Ruggell, LI)


International Classification: F16H 53/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017