Patent Number: 7,610,870

Title: Interlocking platform boats

Abstract: Platform boats intended to be used for motorized boating and for forming-up with adjacent similar boats to form a continuous and contiguous mat of boats for socializing, fishing etc. The adjacent boats interlock and form an array of such boats all interlocked with one another. The boats may be shaped in planform as hexagons or other polygons but are preferably regular polygons which interlock without leaving gaps between adjacent boats. Each boat has a center well in which is mounted a motor. The motor may be rotated 360 degrees for driving the boat in a corresponding direction about a 360 degree range of motion. A pair of rudders is mounted on opposite sides of the center well to provide for directional stability, both in the manner of a keel, and for steering. When used as a keel, the rudders are elevated up into a channel so as to lock them in-line. The rudders may also be lifted entirely up into the channel to store the rudders when not in use. When fully lowered the rudders may be used for steering the boat.

Inventors: Zaseybida; Norman J. (Kelowna, BC, CA)


International Classification: B63B 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017