Patent Number: 7,610,876

Title: Ergonomic bird feeder and assembly method

Abstract: A hollow tube type bird feeder configured with at least one ergonomically dimensioned feeder station. The feeder station includes a circumferentially keyed circular feeder portal/circumferentially keyed circular perch portal pair for engaging and coupling with a mating keyed feeder portal insert and a mating keyed perch portal insert. The tube has an open top end with external threads and an open bottom end with external threads. The feeder also includes an internally threaded cover cap for rotationally engaging and securing the open top portion of the feeder tube and an internally threaded base for rotationally engaging and securing the bottom portion of the feeder tube. Feeder components are constructed from recyclable materials and easily cleaned; and the feeder can be easily assembled or disassembled without tools.

Inventors: Schulz; Raymond Charles (Saint Louis, MO)


International Classification: A01K 39/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017