Patent Number: 7,610,911

Title: Heliothermal flat collector module having a sandwich structure

Abstract: A self-supporting heliothermal flat collector module includes a sheet metal panel; a register-type arrangement of capillary tubes separated from one another for the flow of a fluid medium that lies on the rear side of the sheet metal panel opposite that to be irradiated; and a thermally-insulating insulation core also positioned on the rear side. According to the invention, the capillary tubes of the register-type arrangement are placed into contact with the surface of the thermally-insulating insulation core, and the thermally-insulating insulation core is attached to the sheet metal panel by means of an elastic adhesive layer, whereby the capillary tubes are at least partially embedded into the adhesive layer between the sheet metal panel and the insulation core.

Inventors: Neumann; Frank (Datteln, DE), Patschke; Markus (Nordkirchen/Suedkirchen, DE), Schoennenbeck; Marianne (Bochum, DE)

Assignee: Rheinzink GmbH & Co KG

International Classification: E04D 13/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017