Patent Number: 7,610,926

Title: Mobility device

Abstract: A mobility device to provide ambulatory support includes a tubular body having upper and lower parts. The upper part has at least four, and preferably five, bends and includes a manually graspable handle portion between two of the bends, and a hook-shaped bend for engaging the user's forearm on three sides adjacent the elbow. An intermediate portion including another bend is positioned between two other bends, and is positioned between the handle portion and the bend located adjacent the user's elbow. The lower part includes a floor-engaging free end and defines an axis, preferably a generally vertical axis. The bends and other features of the upper part cooperate to provide improved support for a user's forearm. Also disclosed is a rocker-type end member either fixedly or slidably fitted to the lower part.

Inventors: Adams; Michael E. (Chicago, IL)

Assignee: StrongArm Inc.

International Classification: A61H 3/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017