Patent Number: 7,611,012

Title: Insulin syringe storage rack

Abstract: An insulin syringe storage rack comprised of: a first side surface and a second side surface, both being substantially vertical and having a top edge; a top surface being substantially horizontal and supported by the first and second side surfaces; a plurality of apertures positioned on the top surface and sized to receive an insulin syringe; and a plurality of tubular structures, each positioned below the top surface and corresponding to one of the apertures and adapted to receive and vertically support said insulin syringe. Alternate embodiments of the insulin syringe storage rack can further include one or more additional storage receptacles a front side surface and/or a rear side surface, and space for disposing indicia thereon.

Inventors: Ross; Michelle (Muskego, WI)


International Classification: B65D 83/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017