Patent Number: 7,611,027

Title: Bottle cap and a bottle with the same

Abstract: Disclosed is a bottle cap 100 that is detachably assembled with an adjacent portion 2 of an opening of a bottle 1, and the bottle with the same. The bottle cap 100 is comprised of a circumferential portion 10 that is shaped to wrap up an outer surface of the adjacent portion 2 of the opening therein; a cap portion 20 that closes an upper side of the circumferential portion 10; a plurality of tamper indication portions 30 respectively extended from a central area of the circumferential portion 10 to a lower end thereof; a bending portion 40 that connects upper ends of the respective tamper indication portions 30 in a line; an opening piece portion 50 comprised of the plurality of tamper indication portions 30 and the bending portion 40; and a recess portion 70 so formed on an inner surface of the circumferential portion 10 as to prevent separation. Accordingly, it is possible to open and close the bottle cap merely with a simple operation with a single hand, to secure the area for the advertisement or the like sufficiently, to reduce the manufacturing costs by reducing the height of the bottle cap, and to increase the productivity by simplifying the manufacturing process.

Inventors: Kim; Sang-Hoon (Seoul, 121-811, KR)


International Classification: B65D 41/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017