Patent Number: 7,611,117

Title: Laptop computer document holder

Abstract: The laptop computer document holder is an unobtrusive plastic sheath with two plastic telescopic arms for moving in and out of the sheath. One of the telescopic arms has a top with a document clipper for clipping the document to the top when the telescopic arms are extended. This clipper secures the document at eye level above a screen or monitor of the laptop computer. The plastic sheath has a flat face with adhesive tape affixed for permanently attaching the plastic sheath to the laptop computer. Once the document holder is attached to the laptop computer, the holder cannot be misplaced or lost. Thus, the laptop computer holder is readily available and accessible when needed to hold a document at eye level above the laptop computer.

Inventors: Lang, Jr.; Joseph (Kenedy, TX)


International Classification: A47B 97/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017