Patent Number: 7,611,179

Title: Removable gripping device which does not require the user to alter his/her grip thereon

Abstract: A removable gripping device for a container has two clamp-forming members which are mounted to a gripping body, one of which can move longitudinally between an open position and a closed position; movement elements which are designed to move the aforementioned mobile member; and actuation devices which can move in relation to the gripping body. The above-mentioned actuation devices are mounted so as to move longitudinally between a rest position and an actuation position, whereby the actuation devices cause a lever to move from the retracted position to the deployed position thereof.

Inventors: Lorthioir; Christophe (Albens, FR), Montgelard; Michel (Cran Gevrie{grave over (r)}, FR)

Assignee: Seb SA

International Classification: A47J 45/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017