Patent Number: 7,611,202

Title: Tilt mechanism for a chair

Abstract: A tilt mechanism provides improved coordination in the motions of a chair seat and a chair back during chair tilt. In one aspect, the tilt mechanism includes a seat base, a back bracket, a back support bar, a guide track and a back follower member. The seat base is slidably coupled to the chassis and rigidly coupled to the chair seat. The back support bar is configured for moveable engagement with the back bracket coupled with the chair back. Additionally, the back follower member, coupled with the chair back, is received within one or more channels formed in the guide track for moveable engagement therewith. A proportional and asynchronous action is achieved via the back bracket moving relative to and in engagement with the back support bar, the back follower member moving within the guide track and the seat base sliding forwardly relative to the chassis.

Inventors: Johnson; Leroy B. (Lowell, MI), Crossman; Philip (Suttons Bay, MI)

Assignee: L & P Property Management Company

International Classification: A47C 1/032 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017