Patent Number: 7,611,234

Title: Ink refill cartridge with an internal spring assembly for a printer

Abstract: An ink refill cartridge for a printer including an outer portion containing an internal spring assembly. A base portion contains a deformable ink membrane for containing ink, at least part of the base portion able to be slidingly received within the outer portion, the internal spring assembly acting to compress the deformable ink membrane to expel ink therefrom as the at least part of the base portion is slidingly received within the outer portion by application of a force. An ink outlet is provided to dispense the ink expelled from the deformable ink membrane. The ink outlet is mated with an ink inlet of a printer.

Inventors: Silverbrook; Kia (Balmain, AU), Nakazawa; Akira (Balmain, AU), Berry; Norman Michael (Balmain, AU)

Assignee: Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd

International Classification: B41J 2/175 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017