Patent Number: 7,611,493

Title: Device for preventing axial movement

Abstract: A device for preventing axial movement of an elongated member (1) applied through the skin of a mammal at a puncturing position has a plaster (2) designed to cover the surface around the puncturing position and having at least an adhesive layer (4) for securing it to the skin as well as an opening (9) through the layer thereof for the passage of said elongated member therethrough. The device also has a clamp (8) secured to plaster and adapted to clamp around the elongated member when the elongated member is applied to the skin and the plaster is applied on the surface around said puncturing position. The clamp is thin and substantially flat.

Inventors: Jonsson; Lennart (Furulund, SE)

Assignee: Gambro Lundia AB

International Classification: A61M 5/32 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017