Patent Number: 7,611,616

Title: Mesoscale and microscale device fabrication methods using split structures and alignment elements

Abstract: Various embodiments of the invention are directed to formation of mesoscale or microscale devices using electrochemical fabrication techniques where structures are formed from a plurality of layers as opened structures which can be folded over or other otherwise combined to form structures of desired configuration. Each layer is formed from at least one structural material and at least one sacrificial material. The initial formation of open structures may facilitate release of the sacrificial material, ability to form fewer layers to complete a structure, ability to locate additional materials into the structure, ability to perform additional processing operations on regions exposed while the structure is open, and/or the ability to form completely encapsulated and possibly hollow structures.

Inventors: Cohen; Adam L. (Van Nuys, CA), Lockard; Michael S. (Lake Elizabeth, CA), Smalley; Dennis R. (Newhall, CA)

Assignee: Microfabrica Inc.

International Classification: C25D 5/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017