Patent Number: 7,612,007

Title: Process for regenerating catalyst

Abstract: A process for regenerating a catalyst consisting of a mixed oxide having molybdenum, bismuth and iron used for preparing an unsaturated aldehyde and/or an unsaturated carboxylic acid by catalytically oxidizing propylene, isobutylene and/or tert.-butanol with molecular oxygen in a gas phase, in which the catalyst is regenerated by thermally treating the deteriorated catalyst in an atmosphere of a gas containing molecular oxygen at a temperature of 200 to C., and then thermally treating the catalyst in the presence of a reducing compound at a temperature of 200 to C.

Inventors: Miura; Naoki (Niihama, JP), Nagai; Koichi (Niihama, JP), Suyasu; Noriaki (Niihama, JP)

Assignee: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

International Classification: B01J 38/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017