Patent Number: 7,612,129

Title: Distributed paint manufacturing system

Abstract: A paint manufacturing method includes receiving each of a group of fluid prepaints at different inputs of a fluid component mixing system, determining at a computer system a first fluid prepaint ratio, and mixing the fluid prepaints in accordance with the first ratio to form a base paint at an output of the mixing system. A paint manufacturing system includes a computer-controlled prepaint mixing system. The prepaint mixing system includes multiple fluid inputs providing for computer-controllable flow of prepaints into the mixing system. The computer system includes a memory storing software instructions that configured the computer system to receive user input selecting a base paint to be produced, determine a ratio of fluid prepaints needed to produce the base paint, and regulate each fluid flow control to establish, in the determined ratio, a flow of fluid prepaints entering the fluid mixing system. A paint manufacturing system includes multiple paint manufacturing sites that can each produce paint products. Each manufacturing site includes a site control computer to control a paint manufacturing process at the site and the system also includes a coordinating computer system that can exchange manufacturing operations data with each of the site control computers.

Inventors: Friel; John Michael (Warminster, PA), Hook, III; John William (Warminster, PA), Washel; Jerry William (Harleysville, PA), Lieser; Bernhard Helmut (San Pedro, CA)

Assignee: Rohm and Haas Company

International Classification: C08J 3/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017