Patent Number: 7,612,303

Title: Self contained axle load scale for vehicles having spring suspensions

Abstract: The present invention is a self-contained, low cost and robust axle scale for weighing the load on a vehicle axle comprises a pneumatically supplied axle transmitter assembly capable of gauging the vertical displacement of the axle relative to the vehicle frame resulting from the compression of the axle suspension while bearing a cargo load wherein the axle transmitter assembly provides a pneumatic pressure output in proportion to the axle load and is communicated to an operator display pressure gauge appropriately scaled to indicate the load. The axle transmitter assembly comprises a self-returning variable pressure valve having a rotatable activator with an actuator lever arm perpendicularly fixed to the rotatable activator. The axle transmitter assembly is mounted on the vehicle frame such that the actuator lever arm rests on the axle. The pneumatic supply is drawn from the compressed air reservoir tank typically found on vehicles with pneumatic brakes such as trucks.

Inventors: Floyd; Dennis L (Santa Rosa, CA)

Assignee: QuickCheck Axle Scales, Inc.

International Classification: G01G 19/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017