Patent Number: 7,612,582

Title: Programmable logic controller and related electronic devices

Abstract: A programmable device is useful for high speed operation or as a process controller or as a component for implementing PLD or FPGA applications. The programmable device includes programmable logic hardware having a plurality of basic logic elements and electrically configurable interconnections. The interconnections are configurable to interconnect the logic elements as a user control program circuit and to connect the user control program circuit to input and output interfaces. When configured, the device contains a user program circuit interfaced to a control circuit. The control circuit operates synchronously with the user program circuit. The control circuit is able to communicate with a monitoring computer to respond to commands, operate when commanded to cause the user program circuit to run, or pause, or single step, read data values from said state data storage units, and write data values to said state data storage units.

Inventors: Ward; Derek (Auckland, NZ)


International Classification: H03K 19/173 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017