Patent Number: 7,612,660

Title: Pit road display

Abstract: Instruments or gauges arranged to provide feedback detectable by the peripheral vision of a driver when vehicle operating parameters, such as engine speed, temperature, pressure, and voltage, are in a critical range, include one or more of the following types of instruments or gauges and/or features: (a) a tachometer that not only includes a primary numeric display, but also a secondary display made up of a plurality of discrete lights of different colors, the colors indicating whether the engine speed of a vehicle is within a relatively narrow range of engine speeds acceptable for the roadway leading from a race track to service areas, known as "pit road," the high and low limits of the range being adjustable to meet pit road requirements at different tracks; (b) an instrument or gauge having a background that illuminates to indicate critical sensor readings; (c) an instrument or gauge having improved handling of sensor abnormalities to prevent false readings; (d) a non-linear analog gauge for a motor vehicle having a higher resolution in a particular range of interest, and a lower resolution outside that range; and (e) a boost pressure gauge that facilitates entry of gear information for use in traction control. The instruments or gauges of the invention are suitable for use in racing vehicles that meet standards established by NASCAR.

Inventors: Sullivan; John Timothy (Marriottsville, MD), Parks; Steve (Derwood, MD)

Assignee: Sullivan; John T.

International Classification: B60Q 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017