Patent Number: 7,613,005

Title: Mounting device for mounting heat sink onto electronic component

Abstract: A mounting device (10) for mounting a heat sink (40) onto a printed circuit board (60) with a heat generating electronic component (50) mounted thereon. The mounting device includes a mounting frame (101) and two resilient clips (102) attached to the mounting frame. The mounting frame includes two first mounting arms (1011) and two second mounting arms (1012) disposed above the first mounting arms. The first mounting arms are configured for being attached to the printed circuit board. The resilient clips are configured for being sandwiched between the second mounting arms of the mounting frame and the heat sink. The resilient clips each include two resilient arms (1023) configured for providing a resilient force which urges the heat sink toward the heat generating electronic component.

Inventors: Kuo; Jer-Haur (Taipei Hsien, TW), Zha; Xin-Xiang (Shenzhen, CN), Yu; Ye-Fei (Shenzhen, CN), Li; Jun (Shenzhen, CN), Ding; Jun (Shenzhen, CN)

Assignee: Fu Zhun Precision Industry (Shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

International Classification: H05K 7/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017