Patent Number: 7,613,104

Title: Method, apparatus and computer program product providing synchronization for OFDMA downlink signal

Abstract: Disclosed is a method, a computer program product and a device that includes a receiver for receiving a downlink signal transmitted into a cell. The receiver is operable to obtain time, carrier frequency and cell-specific preamble synchronization to the received signal and includes a plurality of synchronization units that include a first detector to detect a frame boundary using preamble delay correlation; a second detector to detect the frame boundary with greater precision using a conjugate symmetry property over a region identified by the first detector; a cyclic prefix correlator to resolve symbol boundary repetition; an estimator, using the cyclic prefix, to estimate and correct a fractional carrier frequency offset; an operator to perform a Fast Fourier Transform of an identified preamble symbol and a frequency domain cross-correlator to identify cell-specific preamble sequences and an integer frequency offset in sub-carrier spacing. The transmitted signal may be a downlink signal transmitted into the cell from a base station that is compatible with IEEE 802.16e (WiMAX).

Inventors: Bhatt; Tejas (Irving, TX), Sundaramurthy; Vishwas (Irving, TX), Zhang; Jianzhong (Irving, TX), McCain; Dennis (Lewisville, TX)

Assignee: Nokia Corporation

International Classification: H04J 11/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017