Patent Number: 7,613,309

Title: Interference suppression techniques

Abstract: System (10) is disclosed including an acoustic sensor array (20) coupled to processor (42). System (10) processes inputs from array (20) to extract a desired acoustic signal through the suppression of interfering signals. The extraction/suppression is performed by modifying the array (20) inputs in the frequency domain with weights selected to minimize variance of the resulting output signal while maintaining unity gain of signals received in the direction of the desired acoustic signal. System (10) may be utilized in hearing aids, voice input devices, surveillance devices, and other applications.

Inventors: Jones; Douglas L. (Champaign, IL), Lockwood; Michael E. (Champaign, IL), Bilger; Robert C. (Champaign, IL), Bilger, legal representative; Carolyn T. (Champaign, IL), Feng; Albert S. (Champaign, IL), Lansing; Charissa R. (Champaign, IL), O'Brien; William D. (Champaign, IL), Wheeler; Bruce C. (Champaign, IL), Elledge; Mark (Austin, TX), Liu; Chen (Lisle, IL)


International Classification: H04B 15/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017