Patent Number: 7,613,485

Title: Sliding module and its axle structure

Abstract: A sliding module comprises a sliding member having a transversal plate disposed transversally and coupled vertically at a substantially middle position of two sliding plates, and the transversal plate includes a rectangular transversal groove, and the transversal groove includes a through hole disposed at an external side of the transversal groove; a spindle member being a rectangular spindle plate and includes a spindle hole disposed separately on both sides of the spindle member, and a spindle bolt passes through one of said spindle holes and is coupled to the transversal groove; a tension spring with both ends separately including a spring hook and one of the spring hooks is latched into the through hole, and another spring hook is latched into a bolt aperture of a spindle bolt above the transversal groove; and a slid member being a driven plate with both lateral sides bent into a sliding groove for embedding an external side of the sliding plate, and the driven plate includes a plate aperture for passing a spindle bolt through another spindle hole and coupling the spindle bolt; thereby, the tension spring stores energy if pushed, and the slid member continues sliding all the way to a position of releasing energy after the slid member is pushed more than half of the traveling path. The sliding module further connects an axle structure, and the axle structure comprises a vertical first pivotal axle and a horizontal second pivotal axle, and by means of the installation of the two pivotal axles, the sliding module provides the multi-directional pivotal rotating, idling and positioning functions.

Inventors: Chen; Chia-Cheng (Sinjhuang, TW), Chen; Chung Wei (Sinjhuang, TW), Hsu; Hua Feng (Sinjhuang, TW)

Assignee: Jarllytec Co., Ltd.

International Classification: H04M 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017