Patent Number: 7,613,659

Title: System and method for processing tokenless biometric electronic transmissions using an electronic rule module clearinghouse

Abstract: Herein is described a tokenless biometric method for processing electronic transmissions, using at least one user biometric sample, an electronic identicator and an electronic rule module clearinghouse. The steps for processing of the electronic transmissions comprise of a user registration step, wherein a user registers with an electronic identicator at least one registration biometric sample taken directly from the person of the user. A formation of a rule module customized to the user in a rule module clearinghouse, wherein at least one pattern data of a user is associated with at least one execution command of the user. A user identification step, wherein the electronic identicator compares a bid biometric sample taken directly from the person of the user with at least one previously registered biometric sample for producing either a successful or failed identification of the user. In a command execution step, upon successful identification of the user, at least one previously designated rule module of the user is invoked to execute at least one electronic transmission. The above-mentioned steps are conducted in a manner wherein a biometrically authorized electronic transmission is conducted without the user presenting any personalized man-made memory tokens such as smartcards, or magnetic swipe cards.

Inventors: Hoffman; Ned (Berkeley, CA), Lapsley; Philip Dean (Oakland, CA)

Assignee: YT Acquisition Corporation

International Classification: G06F 1/24 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/03/02017