Patent Number: 7,648,296

Title: Apparatus or method for applying a solvent

Abstract: An apparatus including a cover, a foam housing, a pushing cap, a container, and a seal. The container may be adaptable for retaining a solvent, and the combination of the seal and the container may retain the solvent in a completely enclosed chamber. The seal may prevent the solvent from coming out of the container unless the seal is broken. The cover may be oriented with respect to the pushing cap so that when the cover is pressed in a first direction, the pushing cap moves in the first direction, and snaps into a first position on the container while breaking the seal, and allows the solvent to come out of the container and out of the foam housing.

Inventors: Wong; Hammond (West Covina, CA)


International Classification: B43K 5/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018