Patent Number: 7,648,500

Title: Sphincter treatment apparatus

Abstract: A sphincter treatment apparatus includes an energy delivery device introduction member including a proximal end with a first radius of curvature and a distal end with a second radius of curvature. The introduction member is configured to be introduced into the sphincter in a non-deployed state and to be expanded to a deployed state to at least partially expand the sphincter or an adjoining structure. An energy delivery device is coupled to the introduction member. A retainer member is coupled to the energy delivery device introduction member and configured to controllably position the introduction member in an orifice of the sphincter.

Inventors: Edwards; Stuart D (Salinas, CA), Utley; David (Redwood City, CA), Lax; Ronald G (Tarpon Springs, FL), Kucklick; Theodore R (Los Gatos, CA), Muller; Peter H (Woodside, CA)

Assignee: Mederi Therapeutics, Inc.

International Classification: A61B 18/18 (20060101); A61N 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018