Patent Number: 7,648,589

Title: Energy absorbent material

Abstract: A method for making a ductile and porous shape memory alloy (SMA) using spark plasma sintering, and an energy absorbing structure including a ductile and porous SMA are disclosed. In an exemplary structure, an SMA spring encompasses a generally cylindrical energy absorbing material. The function of the SMA spring is to resist the bulging of the cylinder under large compressive loading, thereby increasing a buckling load that the cylindrical energy absorbing material can accommodate. The SMA spring also contributes to the resistance of the energy absorbing structure to an initial compressive loading. Preferably, the cylinder is formed of ductile, porous and super elastic SMA. A working prototype includes a NiTi spring, and a porous NiTi cylinder or rod.

Inventors: Taya; Minoru (Mercer Island, WA), Zhao; Ying (Seattle, WA)

Assignee: University of Washington

International Classification: C22F 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018