Patent Number: 7,704,093

Title: Insulation-displacement connection

Abstract: An insulation-displacement connection having at least one insulation-displacement element (1) with a retaining slot (5), which cuts through an insulation of an electrical conductor with which electrical contact is to be made by the insulation-displacement element (1), in a sleeve body is described. The retaining slot (5) extends continuously from an insertion opening in a longitudinal direction (L) of the sleeve body. The sleeve body has a crosspiece (2) which has two mutually opposite spring limbs (3a, 3b) integrally adjoining its ends, which spring limbs merge, at their end which is opposite the crosspiece (2), into limb ends (4a, 4b), which are angled-away so as to face one another, in order to form the retaining slot (5) by way of the free longitudinal side edges of the limb ends (4a, 4b), so that a conductor accommodation space which is bounded by the spring limbs (3a, 3b) and the crosspiece (2) is created beneath the retaining slot (5). The spring limbs (3a, 3b) in each case have at least one slot recess (9a, 9b) which extends in the direction of the limb end (4a, 4b) from the crosspiece (2), the width of the said slot recess being matched over the direction of extent to the width of the spring limbs (3a, 3b) such that an effective width of the spring limbs (3a, 3b), which tapers from the crosspiece (2) to the longitudinal side edge of the limb ends (4a, 4b), is produced in the longitudinal direction (L).

Inventors: Turkekole; Muhaminet All (Minden, DE), Kollmann; Hans-Josef (Minden, DE)

Assignee: WAGO Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

International Classification: H01R 11/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 4/27/12018