Patent Number: 7,707,747

Title: Footwear of shoe structure

Abstract: A footwear shoe structure for sports and general outdoor activity, having excellent benefits with respect to hallux vulgas, has an internal half-size tabi (Japanese sock) structure that uses a stretchable cloth and separates the big toe from the other four toes, the internal structure being interposed between an instep covering material and an upper toe part of a sole. The stretching property of the stretchable cloth forming an upper part and the stretching property of the stretchable cloth forming a lower part of the internal structure are differentiated from one another so as to be smaller in the latter than in the former. A partition member 4 formed of a soft elastic material is fitted into a crotch part between a big toe part and a part of the internal structure for the other four toes. In one embodiment, the upper part of the internal structure is formed of two sheets comprising stretchable cloth of nylon or polyester fiber, and a urethane foam 1c is interposed therebetween. The lower part is formed in a two-sheet structure in which an insole surface is formed of a stretchable nylon tricot cloth, the face thereof in contact with the inside of the sole is formed of a synthetic fiber flat weave cloth, and a urethane foam is interposed therebetween.

Inventors: Nawachi; Masao (Fukuyama, JP), Habara; Mitsuyuki (Fukuyama, JP)

Assignee: Urban-Nawachi Co., Ltd.

International Classification: A43B 7/26 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018