Patent Number: 7,707,812

Title: Compact lawn mower

Abstract: In an exemplary embodiment, a compact lawn mower that includes at least a shroud positioned a fixed distance from a lawn, by a common rear axle extended between and supported by a pair of rear wheels, is provided. The exemplary embodiment further includes a motor adjustment member confined within and supported by the shroud. The motor adjustment member interacts with a motor, which includes a cutting member attached to a motor shaft of the motor. In the exemplary embodiment, by manipulating the motor adjustment member, the height of the cutting member relative to the surface is set. That is, the motor adjustment member is rotated in a first direction to move the motor closer to the lawn, and in the opposite direction to move the motor further from the lawn, allowing the grass to be cut to a desired length, while the shroud remains a fixed distance from the lawn.

Inventors: Cheung; Edward Kwok-Yen (Newbury Park, CA)


International Classification: A01D 34/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018