Patent Number: 7,707,853

Title: Process for partial shaping of flat glass or glass-ceramic articles and apparatus for performing same

Abstract: In the process for partially shaping, a glass/glass ceramic article (5) is held on a planar support plate (1) by suction. The glass/glass ceramic article is heated to soften it, so that it has a viscosity below 10.sup.6 dPas. After the softening one or more shaping dies (4) is or are moved upward through an opening or respective openings (3) in the support plate to form raised regions in the softened glass/glass ceramic article (5). The suction force is produced by a low pressure in a hollow compartment (2) below the support plate (1) and acts on the glass/glass ceramic article (5) by means of a gap (G) formed between each shaping die (4) and the support plate. Additional openings can be provided in the support plate and/or in one or more of the shaping dies to assist in applying the suction force to the glass/glass ceramic article. After solidification of the softened glass/glass-ceramic article the shaping die or dies (4) is or are withdrawn. Then the partially shaped glass/glass ceramic product is removed by compressed air and/or mechanically with lifting members (8). An apparatus for performing this process is also described.

Inventors: Schroeder; Friedrich-Georg (Ingelheim, DE), Hochhaus; Roland (Mainz, DE), Weitzel; Bernd (Woellstein, DE), Hoppe; Bernd (Ingelheim, DE), Lemm; Hermann (Dellhofen, DE), Hahn; Gerhard (Allenfeld, DE), Abraham; Hans-Walter (Darmstadt, DE)

Assignee: Schott AG

International Classification: C03B 23/00 (20060101); C03B 23/02 (20060101); C03B 23/035 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018