Patent Number: 7,707,862

Title: Multi-point door lock and offset extension bolt assembly

Abstract: A multi-point door lock assembly has a central lock and an extension bolt for securing the door to a door frame. The assembly has an actuator positioned at the central lock and moveable between a first and second position along an axis. The assembly further has an elongated extension bolt residing along a bolt axis. The actuator and the bolt are secured in a configuration that displaces the axis of the bolt in spaced relationship from the axis of the actuator by an adaptor having a body length. The adaptor has a first end connected to the actuator and a second end connected to the extension bolt, and an intermediate portion between the first and second ends configured to displace the bolt axis for the bolt to pass through an interior portion of an associated door member.

Inventors: Walls; Christopher G. (Rockford, IL), Hansel; Lyle Edward (Hobart, IN)

Assignee: Newell Operating Company

International Classification: E05B 59/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018