Patent Number: 7,707,946

Title: Adjustable work surface support

Abstract: An adjustable work surface support for use with a primary work surface and a secondary work surface comprising primary work surface connector; secondary work surface connector; a parallelogram link support comprising a support bar mounted to the primary work surface connector to define a first axis; and a pair of parallel arms, each arm attached at one end to the support bar and a second end attached to the secondary work surface connector to define a second axis; a connecting plate; attached adjacent one of the parallel arms to the primary and secondary work surface connector; having a first pivot point rotatable about the first axis and a second pivot point being rotatable about the second axis; such that when the arm is pivoted about the first axis, an angular position of the secondary work surface with respect to the primary work surface is substantially constant.

Inventors: Lima; Jose M. (Cambridge, CA)

Assignee: Baral Holdings Corp.

International Classification: A47F 5/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018