Patent Number: 7,708,019

Title: Spinal restraint device

Abstract: A spinal restraint device includes a body member with a head support portion, a neck support portion, and a back support portion. Left and right body wrap portions extend from the back support portion, and left and right head wrap portions extend from the neck support portion, and these portions respectively wrap around an individual's torso and head and are secured to each other to secure the torso and head against movement. A chest flap section is provided in the left and right body wrap portions for folding away from the individual's chest, for comfort or for better access to the chest area. Declaration buckles and straps are also provided for securing the spinal restraint device (and individual) to a support board or stretcher. Other benefits are realized from the positioning of securing straps and leg straps and the dimensions of the body wrap portions.

Inventors: Kendrick; Richard L. (Mooresville, NC)

Assignee: Kendrick EMS, Inc.

International Classification: A61F 5/37 (20060101); A61F 13/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018